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Paul Glanville

Hi. I’m Paul Glanville, and I’m not going to write this bio in third-person.

In school, I was indifferent to reading, and refused to read the assigned books and write the book reports – but loved math and science. After serving my K-12 prison sentence, I discovered Science Fiction. I suppose if I had to name a favorite author, it’d be Robert Heinlein.

My work since the mid-1970s has been in embedded systems firmware. Consequentially, nearly all my writing has been technical in nature, I often write highly technical instructional material that has to clearly describe to non-technical people what they need to understand with a minimum of mumbo-jumbo fluff.

I can be contacted at gkp01co@gmail.com

I’m on Facebook at www.facebook.com/paul.glanvilleauthor

Write me. I don’t bite.