The Road To Glory

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About the author

Lawrence Brooks

Lawrence Brooks is a part time writer who has spent the last 27 years racing his bike. From junior to elite, and then pro and now masters; he hasn’t lost his passion for racing a bicycle. He grew up reading stories of the greatest cyclist in the world and envisioned himself the next Greg Lemond or Steve Bauer—his childhood heroes. Lawrence fell in love with their stories but his imagination wanted something that went beyond non-fiction. After years of searching he still couldn’t find a fictional novel that had it all—a riveting story that brought the reader into the amazing world of cycling, into a race, and into the racer’s mind.

Lawrence hopes that you’ll fall in love with this fictional world of cycling he created, fall in love with the main characters; hate them, cheer for them, and turn each page in suspense. Like the Tour de France itself, Lawrence tries to capture the essence of the race—a rider racing it, a family watching it a continent away, fans on the mountainside, unconditional love—it’s all here. The reader will move slowly through the beginning, before coming to the peak of the story, but it doesn’t stop, and won’t until the very end. A race isn’t over until you reach the finish line and The Road To Glory is no different.