High Spirits

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About the author

Lisa Dyer

I was born and raised in Dover, Kent where I attended school, hung out with my mates and generally had an excellent time.
I'm fascinated with history, particularly the medieval period. I've worked in two castles - Dover Castle and Colchester Castle. 
I love the Arthurian Tales and I'm a big fan of Norse Mythology. I'm also pretty keen on the supernatural and find cemeteries awesomely fascinating places. Creepy, right?
I've studied archaeology and worked on excavations and am a huge fan of the The Walking Dead. But it's not all about dead things, just in case you were wondering. I love romcoms, chick-flicks, and tales where the obvious isn't always...well...obvious.
My writing focuses on love, friendship, relationship dynamics and feisty heroines and regular heroes.
​​​​​​​You can find out more about my books at www.lisadyerauthor.com