Beyond The Chaos Gate

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About the author

Quentin Ravensbane

Quentin Ravensbane is an American Author of Lovecraftian and related horror fiction. He hopes to entertain his readers with the cosmic scale concepts of an inhuman universe. While he attempts to entertain hard-core horror fans with a decent level of an increasingly fear-based storyline, he hopes that the idea of an universe that is alien beyond our understanding exists, and is not so much malevolent as unconcerned about the survival of the human species. In such a large universe, our species must run away from the light of the regard of greater beings, or be stepped on like bugs. Quentin is a lifelong gypsy, but he now lives in the Tucson, Arizona area, in an undisclosed location. If you wish to contact the author to be informed about upcoming publications or to contribute suggestions or information that you feel would benefit the author's efforts or the value to his readers, you may email Quentin at