Jesus Changed Our Lives: Stories From The Heart To Enrich Your Faith

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About the author

Dr Patrick Businge

Born in in Uganda, Dr Patrick Businge did not let his circumstances characterised by war and abject poverty become his standard. Following his dreams while believing that no condition was permanent, he took steps to raise above his circumstances and made greatness his benchmark. 
Upon completing his PhD, Dr Patrick Businge has gone on to become the Founder of Greatness University: the world’s first institution dedicated to discovering, unlocking, and monetising greatness in individuals and businesses. His main goal is to help you tap into your greatness faster than you can ever imagine. He has helped celebrities, business people, and churches document their greatness. 

Dr. Patrick Businge, is the absolute perfect and researcher to bring your life story into fruition.  Dr. Businge is passionate about finding out who you truly are, inspiring others to share their stories, organizing and publishing the greatest book to ever to shared with the world that is all about you. Get in touch with him at or visit for more information.