What If? God without Religion

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Karen Garner

Karen S. Garner is a woman of humble beginnings, raised in a one-bedroom, one-bathroom house along with three older brothers and her parents.  In the winter, she and her brothers slept on roll-a-way beds in sleeping bags in a single-car garage with a dirt floor. In the summer, blankets were placed over clothes lines and poles to provide cover for outdoor sleeping.  She was never aware of her family's poverty, because of the love surrounding her. She was born and raised in Nevada where the mountains rest tall to the West and the colors of the desert are exhibited in fullness to the East. Music and writing are her primary hobbies.  She is the baritone part in a barbershop quartet that sings for free to disabled, ill, or homebound individuals. Karen's favorite book is Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach. Her retirement years have been spent in volunteer work and writing books. You can contact her at ksgpeacewithin@gmail.com.