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Richard Alan

Richard is a 101st Airborne Division Vietnam veteran. After an education in mathematics, 17-years in manufacturing engineering then 22-years as a software engineer, Richard embarked on a career in writing. His debut series, Meant to Be Together, is a tender and heartwarming, multigenerational family saga about relationships, love and life. This was followed by a series of historical fiction novels, set in 1847 – 1900, about the predecessors to the characters in his Meant to Be Together series. Expertly researched, American Journeys: From Ireland to the Pacific Northwest (1847 – 1900), Volumes One and Two, details the family’s struggles during the Great Irish Famine, emigration from Ireland to Boston, the journey across the United States, the Oregon Trail, and the Panama Canal. A Female Doctor in the Civil War follows Dr. Abby Kaplan, trying to become a surgeon during the Civil War. She was first introduced as a little girl in Volume One of American Journeys.

Being a lifelong learner, Richard loves pursuing the research for his historical fiction. It is frequently accomplished while RV traveling with his wife, Carolynn, to libraries, museums, and historical sites around the country. Having a career that is portable permits traveling to many spectacular areas of the United States. It also provides opportunities to visit our adult children, grandchildren, other relatives, and friends.