Death on Highway 13

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Joe Vannicola

Ever since I can remember, I've been in love with words whether written or verbal. I like the way you can use words to convey an emotion or a  describe a dramatic situation. Words can conjure up scarey images or create laughter, tears, tension or even passion. Unlike movies or television which relies on our visual senses, the written word makes us use our minds and our God given imagination. Ah, the power of words.

I wrote Death on Highway many years ago and based it on someone I knew who had been murdered under strange circumstance. For some reason, hearing about this persons death sparked the idea for this story. I basically took a handful of facts, exagerated and fictionalized them.

Although based on a true incident, the folllowing story is fictional and the people depicted do not resemble anyone living or dead. I just thought I'd put that in there in to cover my ass so nobody will try and sue me.