He's Gone Now What?: How to Get Over a Breakup and Prepare to Love Again

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Gregg Michaelsen

“Build Yourself and He Will Come”

It has come to Gregg’s attention that you have over-complicated the male mind. He knows this because he includes his email address in every book and you reach out to him! He reads your emails and replies to every email, hoping to make a meaningful difference in your life!

You’re also a busy woman who doesn’t have time to read a book which is 50% fluff, 25% stuff you don’t understand (because you’re not a therapist) and 23% information you can find with a simple internet search.

You are a woman whose time is valuable. Gregg’s books are quick and to the point. The information provided is put into the easiest terms to understand and he leaves out the fluff!

Should you read Gregg’s books?

•    Are you tired of being used by men?
•    Have you had enough first dates?
•    Is your relationship great and you want to keep it that way?
•    Do you want to find Mr. Right, once and for all?
•    Have you just come out of a relationship?
•    If you look at yourself honestly, can you say your dating confidence could use a boost?

If you’ve answered “YES!” to even one of these questions, you should read his books!

Learn how to navigate the male mind with my many tips on dating, communication and building confidence. Understand the mistakes of the past and leave them there – in your past!

Your dating future is bright when you bump up that dating confidence and learn to understand the male mind!

Gregg continues to research dating and can be found on most Friday or Saturday nights hanging out in a local venue, talking to groups of women, helping them with their dating problems!

Visit Gregg at WhoHoldsTheCardsNow.com and become a believer, tens of thousands have!