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Tessa Kinkade

As a child, Tessa Kinkade composed her first stories in chalk on her bedroom door. Editing was much more fun that way. Her workspace nowadays is still her bedroom, and she can often be found propped among her favorite bed pillows, tapping away on a laptop with a water bottle by her side (though she continues to look for easy ways to edit). Tessa has spent much of her career in education, and in her spare time—when her children were old enough to get their own cereal bowls from the cabinet—she began writing her first novel, 15 minutes at a time.  
In the past, she’s worked in a rape crisis center, kept bees, organized large events, run half marathons, and traveled most of the contiguous United States, drawing upon all her career experiences and hobbies to enrich her writing. She loves to create characters who face life-altering challenges yet find a happily-ever-after through the struggle. 
When she’s not bingeing on research, outlining, or drafting her next novel, you’ll find her dreaming about a beach vacation where she might also find a lighthouse to explore.