Master Minds: Creativity in Picasso's & Husain's Paintings. Part 5

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About the author

Harpal Sodhi

About the Author

Dr.Harpal Sodhi is a citizen of U.S.A. She was born on 14th February, 1954 in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India. She had a royal childhood in Jabalpur, lived in a huge house with a front garden and lawn and a kitchen garden, a poultry farm, a table tennis room and a badminton court. There were servants for cooking, cleaning and gardening. Her Mother, Mrs. Sukhbir was a pious lady and involved in social work. Her father Prit Paul Singh Bambah was a civil engineer, law qualified and an author.

Dr. Harpal has the potential of harboring a number of creative activities. Her quest for attaining knowledge made her multi-dimensional. She is an artist, a teacher, an author, a Sitar player and a ‘Reiki-Master’. All these aspects complement each other and enhance her knowledge and ability to give birth to her creativity in various fields.

Dr. Harpal Sodhi did her Master of Arts in English and M.A. Drawing & Painting. She is a Ph.D. in Fine Art (Drawing & Painting). Some of her achievements are:

Awards and special mention:

  • First Prize – Exhibition – 1974 – M.H. College, Jabalpur.

  • Bhathe Khande Sitar competition First Prize 1975 and 1976 Jabalpur.

  • Second Prize – Art Competition- Ladies Club – 1982, Nasik.

  • Gujarat State Award, Music Art Competition First Prize – 1986.

    Group Exhibitions: more than 25

    Solo Exhibitions: Jabalpur, New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Canada and New Jersey-Edison, USA.

  • Research:

  • Creative activity in the paintings of Pablo Picasso and Maqbool Fida Husain: An Analytical Study.

  • ‘Art Appreciation’ from National Museum Institute, New Delhi.

    Published Works

  • Master Minds: Creativity in Picasso’s & Husain’s Paintings (Book).

  • Spiritual versus of Sheikh Farid, 2005 (Book)

  • .Dr. Harpal Sodhi is a humanitarian and often volunteers in non-profit organizations to serve humanity.

  • Contact: