Trail of Regret

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About the author

Margaret Eleanor Leigh

I am a writer without roots. I've lived on three continents and in six countries. And in my working past, I've been a journalist, a bureaucrat, a university tutor, a bookseller, and a proof-reader. This unsettled and chaotic life has its drawbacks. The only place I can honestly call home is the seat in front of my computer. But it also has its advantages: giving me a rich seam of experiences to mine--an invaluable resource for any writer.

I''ve been described as a multi-genre 'writerly heptathlete,' which is probably the only kind of athlete I will ever be. I enjoy exploring different genres, and have dabbled in four thus far, producing three crime novels, a self-deprecating travelogue, a trio of children's books, and a somewhat suspenseful romance.