Wolf Song

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Diane Zhivago

Writing is my addiction. It’s my go-to escape when the world isn’t playing nice...but even when it is, I find myself lured into the magical spell woven by my own imagination. My Grandmother used to tell me to always look for the faeries... if you never look you will never get the chance to actually see one--much like never having the opportunity to win the lottery if you never buy a ticket--so I looked and looked, even now, after the rain mostly, I can’t help but look and you know what? The faeries are sneaky little bastards that are really good at hiding! But when I was a child, all that looking for something magical to appear, sparked something in my imagination and if I didn’t see one in the daylight, for certain one came to me at night in my dreams. And so I wrote about them. Pages and pages of scribbles mostly that my mother would diligently read after a long day at work... by the time hormones kicked in the stories became laced with innocent romance... the subject of my imagination became the cute guy at school or the bassist of my favorite band, the characters were my friends and instead of my mother reading the pages us girls would huddle together somewhere and I would read chapter upon chapter to their eager ears, filling them with my daydreams. At some point my imagination grasped hold of the idea of shifters--people who could turn into animals--and that opened up a whole new world for my imagination and my writing. Hours were spent taking Snoopy for a walk in the woods behind my Aunt’s house in Charlottetown where I would weave stories about a prince trapped as a sweet mannered dog. In time, the dog became a wolf and... well, you can see where it goes from there. I guess the point of all this rambling is to say that I write because I simply can’t help myself and so if even one person reads what I’ve written and finds enjoyment in it then it’s worth it... and if not, well, it’s still worth it! I do hope you like my page though and please, feel free to share with anyone, even other authors that you know, I would love to connect with more souls who have been set free by this addiction.