Machine Learning For Absolute Beginners A Step by Step guide Algorithms For Supervised and Unsupervised Learning With Real World Applications

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About the author

Raymond Kazuya

Raymond Kazuya is a successful investor, innovator, and computer tech genius. His career started out when he was working as an IT Analyst, but as years went on, later he decided to take a different path in life to his true calling as an entrepreneur.

Raymond has always been passionate about technology, innovation and the digital world. In his free time he spends it with his family and travels the world. He's never to far from his laptop and always seems to be on top of the latest technological trends and is well connected with some of the biggest, brightest and innovative minds of the world.

He owns various startup companies he created from scratch and from which he built multi-million dollar empires. He now works as a business consultant for many fortune 500 companies and continually looks for ways to utilize technology for the betterment of humanity. Enhancing functions, implementing efficiencies, and collectively improving users' experiences. Shortly after his many successes, he got involved in a lot of philanthropist work as his way of giving back to the world. Improving social welfare, infrastructure and various other essential necessities in third world countries.

His aim through his efforts is for long term sustainability, reliability and improving the quality of life of those less fortunate around the world.