Yoga Nidra: The Ultimate Guide to Achieving Immediate Well-Being Through Yogic Sleep – Extended Edition

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About the author

Emily Clark

Emily Clark is a self-help expert, lecturer, and teacher who has been guiding people to find their purpose, joy, and freedom by awakening their potential for over 15 years. Her passion lies in the healing and inspirational aspects of ancient Eastern wisdom and harnessing them in order to achieve the Highest Self.

She believes that in order for people to reach this state, they must be open to all the goodness and possibilities that the Universe can offer, and find strategic, proactive ways to attract them.

Clark is best known for successfully invigorating ancient Eastern knowledge to make it more relevant for the modern person, without diluting its significance and depth. She has allowed people to understand that true healing and thriving surpasses beyond the physical and material.

Clark often travels to Asia, particularly India, to scout for more philosophies that have real-world applications. Her deep awareness has allowed her to bridge the gap between ancient healing principles, and modern-day emotional, mental, and physical needs.

Her life-changing self-help books on Chakras, Third-Eye Awakening, Kundalini Awakening, Ayurveda, Reiki, and Yoga are now available online for you to purchase, download, share, and enjoy.