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Peter Walker

On December 21st 2012, Peter walked away from “normal” life, leaving behind his partner, daughter, family, career and friends.  He sold or gave away all his possessions and began a personal walking pilgrimage.

Since that day he has walked 13,000 kilometres in nine countries.

His motivation?  A personal investigation into Balance, Peace and Freedom underpinned by love - first into his own life and into the lives of others. 

Peter is an author, orator, master of ceremonies, teacher and student of the possibilities and opportunities of life.

After pursuing a career in commercial radio and television, he extracted himself from the mainstream industry in 1993 to create and operate the world’s first environmental and conscious radio network, Planet Radio, until 2008.

In 2005 he began teaching personal development and sacred sexuality, including the powerful and life changing Quantum Leap experiences and Dragon’s Breath journey.

In 2010 he began dreaming in "The Village", a complete redesign of our failed social system and in  2014 he created a series of gatherings called “The Village” to introduce that new social system for the 3rd millennium.

He is currently authoring a series of ten epic novels entitled “The Village”.  

Peter has a unique talent for distilling complex knowledge into simple wisdom.

He facilitates mens’ work, group work, individual mentoring, personal development, relationship and sexual expansion practices for men, women and partnerships.

Peter holds space for inner work with power & integrity as no other.

He is a passionate visionary for the creation of a co-operative, co-creative society.