Tyche's Flight

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Richard Parry

Richard Parry grew up on a steady diet of cartoons, observed around the edges of his parents’ watchful gaze. He started writing bad fiction at an early age, but has had 30 (…plus) years to think about the error of his ways.
He’s worked as an international consultant in one of the world’s top tech companies, which sounds cool, but it wasn’t all cocaine parties. Richard’s managed to wrangle “Best Novel” and “Best New Talent” shortlistings from the Sir Julius Vogel Awards. He specialises in stories where heroes save the world/universe (hey, why limit yourself?) through action scenes and clever dialogue. His latest series starts with Blade of Glass, an action-packed dark fantasy where humans fight against evil demons. Also, there is a dragon.
Richard lives in Wellington with the love of his life, Rae. They have cats, who chase birds. The birds, who have the power of flight, aren’t overly concerned.