Through the Fire

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Theresa Vandermeer

Theresa Vandermeer was born in Asheville, North Carolina on June 11, 1971. She is a burn survivor who cherishes her gift of life after having been numerously resuscitated from a malicious house fire that not only visibly scarred her over 65% of her body but almost took her life. In her book, “Through the Fire” Theresa tells the shocking yet candid story of how she overcame the fire as well as other traumatic events throughout her life. In her inspiring autobiography she shares how these experiences not only tested her faith in God but also strengthened her and helped mold her into the strong Christian woman that she is. Today, Theresa is married and has three beautiful children, a degree in Psychology and is an aspiring photographer who has had her fine art prints placed in hospitals worldwide. Her life story truly is an extraordinary testimony of how God can take the most horrendous things in one’s life and use them for His glory.