The Moonflower Connection

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Barron Tywood

Barron Tywood lived in South Africa for many years. He has held various positions in international shipping. Later, as a teacher to all ages—elementary, middle and high—in American schools, he taught a variety of subjects, chiefly English.

An interesting aspect of this author’s life now is that he hardly resides in this space-time continuum because he is always somewhere else in his own mind.

On a certain day, he read Jack Finney’s “The Third Level”. That short story inspired him to do some research. In the process, he found that he could actually exit this space-time continuum and live wholly and completely in another world, perhaps even in the interstices of this world. Such a reality is entirely the product of his imagination, for, as his research proved, imagination is the gateway to the ordinarily unattainable.

Despite his involvement in metaphysics and paranormality, he demonstrates his ability to deal with the issues of life in this consensus reality. He trusts that you will be well entertained as you read his trilogy and become acquainted with the various incarnations of his cast of characters.