The Viking Heritage

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About the author

J. Ragnar Nymoen

JAN RAGNAR NYMOEN started doing genealogy about 2009. Earlier he had found an unusual name - Anne Moddy. One day he found out that she was the daughter of a merchant, Robert Mudie, who was born in Scotland about 1590. 

He discovered that a man of the same name lived around 1600 at Melsetter House, Orkney. Later he has visited the old manor house. What he experienced there gave him the idea of several thrillers based on the amazing stories he stumbled over. 

His Y-DNA test came up with some strange matches in the Kyiv-area. The explanation originated back in the Viking age.
He has published three books in Norwegian. The two first are translated to English. The third - Viking Blood - is planned published in English Q4 2020