Shit Just Got Real

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The Executive Homeboy

Born in Atlanta, Ga. with one of God's gift to create. The Executive Homeboy started writing music at the age of 8 under the rap name Lil Steve from the Z-Zone 3. He's always been inspired to reach the masses continuing his career in music up until the age of 22 where he was was know as Yung Slick and Slick Da Prince. Through his music art The Executive Homeboy has always strived to inspired others, at times through lyrical story telling. First it was the music and now it's Urban Literature. His first and most recent publishing under the Farm Houze Group LLC. of Atlanta is the Fire Hot Urban Novel "Shit Just Got Real," where he writes about a crime boss created name "Triple J," first time experience inside of Jail. Through that work he chose to spread knowledge, love, sexuality and spiritually amongst the mass about incarceration. The Executive Homeboy is that one homeboy that's always been Kool, but also all about business.