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Sybilla Buchmann

Sybilla Ingeborg Buchmann: 

What do you want me to tell you: I am just past the middle of my lifespan, am Swedish, and love my husband, our house, and our dog. Children are out of the house. There you have it.

What else? British and German parents, studied “something” (called law, but I never ever used it), travelled earlier extensively all over the world right into the most forgotten places (work-related but relaxed: I was global production and marketing coordinator for a major equistry-equipment firm. 4-star hotels and horses around the globe - fascinating but that is anther story). With my husband we live a quiet (almost reclusive) but rich life embedded in a wonderful landscape. And this is why I started writing. To describe the sometimes wonderful sometimes odd and sometime outright bizarre world.

Let me also tell you about my two first names: What does Sybilla mean? It is old Greek and denotes a "prophetess, oracle". Of course, I like that! And Ingeborg is undoubtedly one of the unique Swedish girl names meaning “she has the help of Ing.” And Ing being one of the primary Old Norse gods, the goddess of peace, prosperity, and fertility. These two names cannot be better chosen as an incentive to develop character and life in that direction.

I am very proud of and thankful to my parents, for everything but especially for having developed a sense for nature and a love to find out more about complicated concepts, like body vs. mind, mankind’s place in the universe, gods and natural laws, and, yes, sex and love.

These are some of the many topics I try to cope with, deal with, explain, present, or just describe in my books. I let my books talk so I don’t need to talk about the books or about myself. I hope you enjoy reading them and maybe, just maybe they give you an idea, to further explore.

Enjoy books, life, love, and nature!