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Phoenix Sullivan

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Thrillers and Romances with Real Animal Magnetism

Whether you choose a suspenseful thriller or a romance with a bit of steam, you'll always find animals—wild and tame, acting like real animals—at the heart of Phoenix's books.

Settle in for action and thrills mixed with a little heartbreak, a lot of love and always the feels—with elephants to cheer for, lions to love, giraffes to cry over, or doggos both big and smol who worm their way onto the page and into your heart.

In the corporate world, Phoenix was a professional writer, editor and marketer for 23 years. Before that, she was a registered veterinary technician, working with small animal clinics and wildlife rehab centers. Most recently, she was the Managing Director of Steel Magnolia Press [Romantic Times Career Achievement Award Winner and multiple NYT bestselling author Jennifer Blake, President]. Today, retired, she lives on the edge of a small pond and dotes on the various strays and throwaways that now have forever homes on her farm and in her heart.