Dealing With A Narcissistic Mother: How to Handle Your Narcissistic Mother as an Adult

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D.T Bloom

My name is D.T Bloom and I'm the author of various books on narcissism and emotional abuse. I write about this subject to help others learn more about the damaging effects of narcissism, help them break free and heal from the trauma. 

I grew up in a toxic, abusive environment and have a lot of knowledge and first hand experience of narcissism and childhood neglect. I also found myself in abusive relationships as I became an adult and almost got trapped in the vicious cycle of abuse. Thankfully, I rebuilt myself from the ground up and I have a lot of advice, and wise words for those who are still suffering from or are entangled in a web of abuse; be that from their mother, their spouse or anyone else who tries to diminish their worth.

Aside from my writing, I enjoy countryside walks with plenty of scenery, travelling to new places and indulging in a little wine drinking every now and then. I'm originally from the North West of England, and I adore the picturesque views and breathtaking hikes that I was surrounded by as I was growing up. I love taking my two terrier dogs up the fells and stopping off at a local pub for an afternoon tipple whilst I think of new stories for my fiction novellas.

D.T Bloom is my pen name. I write fiction books under my real name, so to make things neat and tidy I keep my self-help books under this name. I chose the name 'Bloom' as it suggests blossoming like a flower, which is something I want to help all victims of abuse to do, and it's something I've proudly managed to do myself also. When people blossom, they become more aligned with their ideal self, whatever that may be: more successful, confident or stronger. I'd be honored to give you the inspiration and tools you need to bloom :)

I don't have a PhD in psychology, but I do have something most PhD's don't: real life, genuine experiences with abuse and narcissism and decades worth of recovery and healing to help guide others through the same experiences. I don't just recite what I've read in a textbook - I've lived through abuse and come out of the other side with a wealth of knowledge, and I hope it can help inspire and show others that there is a better life for them. I want my content to be accessible to those who need help and guidance through the aftermath of abuse, and I want it to be as jargon-free and understandable as possible.