Chosen For Thermopylae

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Belinda Harrison

Hey there, thanks for stopping by.

I've been told that I think I'm funnier than I actually am. I will pull out a bad dad joke or pun whenever possible. I think farts are funny even though I'm a grown woman and I love, love, love Ancient Greece, Greek and Norse Mythology and getting lost in books whenever and wherever possible.

My wife and daughter get sick of me talking about my books or the merchandise I wish I had or how I'm going to take over the world with my 'new Xena' series (especially when I interrupt their favourite TV show) ... so connect with me via my socials and then everyone will be happy! And if you join my mailing list (via my website) you will get 3 FREE short stories starring Skylar and you'll get to find out when my next book/s are coming out before the rest of the world.

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