Children of the Plague

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About the author

Gregory Carrico

Gregory Carrico is an best selling horror and science fiction writer. He loves writing bad guys that readers will care about, even as they despise them. When not creating new worlds and plotting their destruction, Gregory watches British telly with his wife and three dogs, blathers about rescue dogs and puppy mills, and politely urges slower drivers to move out of the passing lane.

Gregory writes for Live the Story, his book review blog, and for Addictive Reads, his author collective’s grog (group blog). His first book, Apocalypstick, was awarded a prestigious IndiePendant award for quality by the nonprofit group of the same name, and Children of the Plague earned him a finalist and 3rd runner up position in the Horror Fans Aslylum’s Author of the Year award. But the awards he most cherishes are questions and comments from his readers. He reads them all and makes time to respond to most, so flip down to the Social Stalkers page and connect on your favorite social media network.