How to Write Romantic Comedy

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About the author

Rhoda Baxter

Rhoda writes contemporary women’s fiction with a hint of geek.

Back in the early 2000s, when she commuted into London every day, Rhoda read romance novels and wished there were more stories about women who were not obsessed with shoes. Besides which, where were all the nice men - the sort that rely on wit and charm rather than money and biceps?

Rhoda now writes the sort of books she wanted to read. She's lucky enough to have several books published by a traditional publisher (thank you Choc Lit!). Her books have been nominated for prizes and her articles have appeared on various websites, including USA Today.

In real life, she has a DPhil in microbiolgy, so if her pen name sounds vaguely bacterial, you can guess why.

You can find her wittering on about cake and science or making bad puns on her website (, or on Facebook or Twitter (@rhodabaxter). Or, if you like, you can email her at Please do say hello if you’re passing.