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K.A. Finn

A bit of a Nomad herself, K.A. Finn has wandered around Ireland and the UK for decades before settling back in Ireland with her husband and kids (two and four legged).
She is currently writing three series.
The award-winning Nomad Series follows Gryffin - the fearsome cyborg commander of the Nomad battleship, Ares. In rescuing an enemy officer, he reveals his true identity, bringing him to the attention of his creators. Now hunted, he must defend his life, freedom, and newfound love. ​
The Blackjacks series follows the adventures of an elite group of vampires who defend mixed race civilians from the unforgiving pure-bred hierarchy intent on purifying the race.
​​​​​​​The Broken Chords series is a rockstar romance based on Ireland. Eack book tells the story of one member of the band and (at the moment) there atre 5 books planned.