It's a Beautiful Day!

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Emily June Ellis

Writing has always been such a beautiful escape in my world. I have traveled and traveled yet found traveling within has been my greatest adventure. I love exploring with words and expressing my inner belief in poems. People and things that surround me are always loving creatures that I nourish. I'm so happy creating positive stories and bringing them to life with elements of nature, magic, love, and adventure as my heart pours into every text of each book. Sentences come through inspiration that lives within and soars without. I've been through lifetimes of patterns, and my goal is to be open with all my feelings and lessons. I've learned that the mystery we're all searching for is love, and it is found when we surrender to what's around and above. I hope my books dance with your imaginations and awaken a playful stir in all the tiny seekers' hearts out there! From ages 1 to 101!