Sarah: The First Lady: The Bishop's Wife

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Ann-marie Ricketts

I am your neighbor and you are mine, whoever you are and where ever you reside. Love always and peace profound occupied by joy's refreshment. My true education emanates from the spirits of life, since life never ceases to teach various lessons. It is wisdom to garner the right nutrients for the soul, so I am always apt to learn. Writing is an inherent quality of my being, it's more than a hobby. You will not find me sticking to one genre, since I'm diverse in my expressions. However promoting spiritual lessons of life is more than my spirit's delight. I'm a very serene and modest person, and I love the simplicity of the being that I am. I'm a daughter of nature, and as such rejoice in nature's revealing beauty. I am natural and mystic like the wind that permeates the atmosphere. I try not to judge others, and reman an ardent observer of life's lessons, from a neutral and mutual perspective, and thus continues to comprehend its wisdom. This is me and you are my neighbor.