Fixing the U.S. Criminal Justice System

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Paul Brakke

Paul Brakke is a scientist based in central Arkansas.  He became interested in studying the criminal justice system when his life was turned upside down after his wife was falsely accused of aggravated assault for allegedly trying to run over a 12 year old boy with her car. This happened because a group of kids and some neighbors wanted her out of the neighborhood.  Eventually, the Brakkes were forced to move as part of a plea agreement, since otherwise, Brakke’s wife faced a possible 16 year jail sentence if the case went to trial and she lost.  He has previously told his wife’s story in American Justice?, along with a preliminary critique of the criminal justice system. That book’s website is at Paul Brakke has also written several other books: 

The Price of Justice in America

The Great National Divides

The Costly U.S. Prison System