Breaking Free: Overcoming the World's Matrix


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About the author

Khomotjo Peter Mashita

Khomotjo Peter Mashita is a writer, speaker, life coach, and passionate advocate for positive change. Born and raised in South Africa, Mashita's experiences growing up in poverty and overcoming adversity have inspired him to share his message of hope and resilience with others.


As an author, Mr Mashita is committed to helping individuals transform their mindsets and create a better world around them. Through his books, speaking engagements, and coaching sessions, he empowers others to overcome their limiting beliefs, tap into their full potential, and take action towards positive change.


Mr Mashita's ultimate goal is to inspire a global shift towards positivity, unity, and love. He believes that by transforming our own mindsets and taking action towards positive change, we can create a ripple effect that impacts our communities and the world at large.


As a writer, Mr Mashita's work is characterized by his heartfelt words, relatable anecdotes, and profound insights. His latest book, "Transforming Your Mindset and Creating a Better World Around You," is a testament to his commitment to empowering others and creating positive change.


Through his writing, speaking, coaching, and advocacy work, Mr Mashita is making a meaningful impact on the world. He is a true inspiration to all those who seek to create a more positive, unified, and loving world.