Dog Aggression Training: 7 Common Training Problems Solved for Good

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Rose Marie James

Our family lives in the Midwest, fairly close to Lake Michigan. It was really cold outside, but I needed to take my cute puppy Buster for his daily walk so we bundled up really well – hats, triple socks, coats, boots, gloves and two scarfs. As we were walking out the door my husband turned to me and said, ”you are all bundled up like an old lady,” and the phrase An Old Lady’s Guide was born.

My name is Rose Marie James and I am a writer, animal lover and nature lover. As a family member, Buster’s happiness has taken over lives from the food he eats, his wellness care, puppy training, supplements he takes, the accessories that he wear and so much more. He’s our baby.

Our love for Buster has led me to produce a series of dog books that aims to help the dog owner by providing solutions that will result in a well behaved happy and healthy dog.

Thanks for taking this journey with us.