In The Sanctity of My Dreams--Reflections of My Heart

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About the author

R.V. Little-Hawk Oliver

R. Vance "Little-Hawk" Oliver; Birth Name--{Russell Vance "Little-Hawk" Oliver}.  Born August 15, 1958, in St. Petersburg, FL. Grew up in Ocala, FL.   He started his love for writing in High School 1976-1977 (His Senior Year), where he became one of the Editor's for the Vanguard High School Poetry Club, he was also one of the Editor's for the Vanguard "EXCALIBUR" a colectioin of poems and esssays written and composed by Students and High School Staff.  On August 24, 1977 after graduating fro High School, Russell enlisted in the United States Air Force, where he served for fourteen years, from [August 1977 through June 1990].  During that time, he continued with his Journaling and Writing, after leaving the Air Force, he continued with his passion for writing, and has been publishe over 43-times in vaious different Poetry Anthologies.  Today Russell lives in Aurora, Colorado, where enjoys writing and blogging on his website about his Hiking and Mountain Adventures, as well as Devotionals. 

R. Vance "Litle-Hawk" Oliver has in the past four years Published 5-Books  through Amazon Kindle Dierect Self-Publishing, and is currently working on three more books.  All of his books are featured on his website.