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Brian L. Knack

I have always loved to read science fiction stories. When I was a kid, my favorites were stories about space travel, exploration, and colonization. Dune, Dune Messiah and Children of Dune, Rendezvous with Rama were just a few of the books I was able to get my hands on in the school library. Being a huge fan of superhero comics, Omni and Popular Science, I yearned to explore the universe. I would crawl out of my bedroom window onto the tin roof of the ole-kitchen (not an easy task and somewhat dangerous) or go out and lay on the chicken coop roof at night and look up at the stars, and desperately want to visit and explore each of them.

We don’t have starships yet.

However, in reading these stories, and now in writing them, I’ve got the chance to explore such strange new worlds that even Captain Picard and the all powerful “Q” couldn’t possibly imagine.

Now, I’m returning to the childhood dreamer that I abandoned so long ago. To Ranger One and the Odyssey of Buck Rogers, The Palomino and Cygnus of The Black Hole and The United Planets Cruiser C-57D from Forbidden Planet. To Arrakis and Shai-Hulud, The Jupiter II and the Robinsons, and the infinite dreams of my youth and beyond!