A Tear with Child

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Pamela Benjamin

Since the age of 11, Pamela has been writing stories. There hasn't been a year, between then and now, that she hasn't written a fiction work. Some of it comes from observing life, a lot of it comes from escaping nightmares. She has always liked how tasty words can sound while reading a good book. When you listen to Rod Serling and characters on The Twilight Zone, there's an example of the kind of diction she admires.

Student of Visual, Creative and Spiritually inspired art, Pamela is extremely thankful to God for granting her the privilege of being a creator and saying that it is good. Everybody's got his own style of something; that's a blessing. One might take offense but Pamela considers it a compliment if she’s told, "You don't sound or do things like anyone I've ever known."

She’s a graduate of Art & Design High School. After 16 years as a typist and performing clerical administrative duties, she pursued and expanded her career as a freelance artist in painting, fabric pattern designs and general illustration. Composing music is an additional, enjoyable expression of her creativity.

She hopes to expand her business vision through a workshop on the grounds of her own farmland, where she will cultivate various ideas from God as well as natural resources.