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Eoin N. Andrews

I come from a long line of famous Jewish cowboys in Colorado. I've done stuff, fun stuff, naughty stuff. For those wondering, I am a multi-race, multi-ethnic, confused milkshake. This has endowed me with a very unique vernacular that somehow migrates to the page. My previous endeavors into writing have been research papers in college, and report writing as a deputy sheriff. Both of those could be considered creative writing to some extent. Life has guided me here to work in isolation, what with bursts of hysterical laughter and inappropriate thoughts. I have 4 ego toys, separated into bigs and littles. They have provided a lifetime of humorous fodder. I implore you, please find a book, any book, and escape to a new world for a while. I live in the greater Denver area, and I miss the damn ocean. (Picture caption: Douchy Daddy w/ baby Madi)