Einfach sagenhaft, des Kaisers neue Kleider

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Phil Fishman

I have been fascinated by science since age five or six, when I got a telescope for a birthday. At that point I was going to be an astronomer, but that changed when I got my first chemistry set at about ten.

B.A. Chemistry Indiana University 1961.

First lieutenant Army Chemical Corps 1963. Last assignment - Executive officer technical intelligence detachment.

Retired in late 2002 after a successful career with a number of chemical companies including one that I started and a second that I co-founded in 1974 for recycling and disposal of waste chemicals.

After retirement became a consultant and then a teacher. Now in my fourth career as a writer.

My first book was a memoir of a brief teaching career that I began when I was 66. Title is "Teacher's Gotta Dance".  Second book was a rebuttal to Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth", titled "A Really Inconvenient Truth-The Case Against the Theory of Anthropogenic Global Warming". Third book was a novel, titled "Secession- A Republic Reborn". Here is a link to an interview: http://thepolitistick.com/could-states-start-seceding-from-the-union-this-author/  My latest book, available in paperback as well as audiobook is a satirical critique of President Trump, titled, Aren’t the Emperor’s New Clothes Grand.