Agile for Non-Software Teams

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About the author

Gil Broza

Gil Broza specializes in helping tech leaders deliver far better results by upgrading their organizations' Agile ways of working. He also supports their non-software colleagues in creating real business agility in their teams. Gil has helped over 100 organizations achieve real, sustainable improvements by working with their unique value delivery contexts and focusing on mindset, culture, and leadership. Companies also invite Gil to provide leadership advisory, strategic mapping of their improvement journey, facilitation of organizational mindset workshops, and keynotes for internal conferences.

Gil has published four practical books:

Deliver Better Results provides 10 systemic strategies for sustainably improving value delivery

* The Agile Mind-Set helps practitioners and leaders alike master Agile thinking and go beyond particular frameworks and practices

* The Human Side of Agile guides Agile team leaders in facilitating team excellence in the real, messy world

* Agile for Non-Software Teams helps managers outside of software/IT consider, design, start, and grow effective custom implementations