Mother's Day Is Always Canceled for Me: A Scholarly Approach Concerning Daughters Dealing With and Healing From Narcissistic Mothers

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L.A Reneé

Hello . Some people like to know about the educational credentials of the author. I have a BA in English and a Master's in Interdisciplinary Studies. While others like to know about your school of hard knocks: I am a daughter and survivor of a narcissistic mother. You can call me LA Renee. Nice to meet ya!

Everyone dreads living with a narcissistic person, but what if that person is your mother? What if you are a daughter of a narcissistic mother and she sees you as an extension of her own being wanting to control every move that you make? This can be dreadful and this was my life until I decided to make a change and go the no-contact route. Being a holder of a Masters in Interdisciplinary Studies with a Leadership Studies track, I have delved into the deep analysis of how it is important to be a leader, not to others but to one’s own self. That means taking control of your life whether through self-realization, education or enlightenment.

The book has some references to my own experiences with an NM, as there are currently little to no studies done by institutions of higher education on the matter. It also includes a little bit of my self-leadership journey towards redeeming myself from a narcissist, and it would be a good read for anyone wishing to take back their life from a narcissist.