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Lp Johnson

Wordsmith Lp Johnson is a native Illinoisan, born in Chicago in the late 60’s to parents who both migrated from the southern US to the South-side of the City during their own youthful years. Adventurous by nature and a self-proclaimed ‘nomadic spirit’, since arriving at young-adulthood Ms. Johnson has explored life in several states, including her current residence in Oklahoma. She has a healthy interest in the Sciences, the Arts, Photography, Music, and is ever seeking out new information in her research.  Although best known for her Historical Romance series 'Here In The Land Of Nubia', much of her career focus has been in Early Childhood Education. An Instructor for more twenty years, Ms. Johnson has always been dedicated to advancing the excellence of students through various venues, including Tutoring as a volunteer, Teaching in classrooms, and in Faith-based instruction in the youth ministries. Above and throughout it all, writing has remained her driving force. From her very first poem to the latest of her undertakings, Ms. Johnson brings an especially artistic flair to the words which call forth vivid images in the scenes portrayed in her fiction novels, and displays a passionate desire to encourage others in her poetry and inspirational writings. Now, as CEO of LPJ Enterprises and NightWriters Publishing Consultants, she focuses her on her work as a professional writing consultant; a return to her goal of offering support for the community of fellow writers, as they discover the wonders of having a work with their own name on it available to a waiting public -whether on the bookshelves of a downtown store, or a mere click away in a browser.