ADHD Reality & Fiction: A Comprehensive View of ADHD Diagnostics and Treatment

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About the author

Alon Avisar

Dr.Alon Avisar is a certified educational psychologist with nineteen years of experience and serves as a supervisor and a special education coordinator in the Educational Psychological Service. He Graduates with his Ph.D. in psychology at Tel Aviv University. Has published scientific articles regarding ADHD in international journals. And also presented the results of his Ph.D. dissertation about ADHD at neuropsychological conferences.

In addition, he is married with two daughters and lives in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel. He has many hobbies such as playing music, sports and surfing all over the world.

Through his work in the educational system, he has accumulated vast knowledge and experience regarding ADHD. And realized that the vast research and the clinical findings regarding ADHD do not always match the knowledge of educators and professionals in the field. And as a result, there are many myths about ADHD which may have contributed to the sharp increase in ADHD diagnoses (today, nearly 1 in 10 children are diagnosed with ADHD).

This leads to the overarching question of whether the ADHD phenomenon has an educational and emotional cost with respect to the development of children.

Hence, the aim of this book is to align the knowledge in the field with the research and to disprove prevailing myths about ADHD.

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