Love From Scratch: A Laugh Out Loud Romantic Comedy

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About the author

Summer Dowell

Meet Summer. Your best-reading-buddy-that-you’ve-never-actually-met who's obsessed with writing romance books that make you laugh. You know, that friend that always has a sarcastic comeback & whose favorite thing is to sit next to you on the couch, not talking, just reading our own books? That's Summer.

She’s a stay home mom to 6 and has a slight need to escape the laundry and diaper chaos. Summer turned her ability to see the humor in anything into a lineup of books that now inspire readers to chuckle, snicker, and even lol at the embarrassing situations she puts characters in.

Her superpower? Besides writing book dedications that purposely call out her husband, she is really good at giving people an escape from their everyday lives in the form of a story.