So, You Want to be a Workamper?

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About the author

John and Kathy Huggins

Kathy and I are really just plain folks like you, but we live in a 40-foot RV instead of a house. We started dreaming in earnest in 2003, a year before my job was outsourced. We went to shows and visited dealerships just to see if we could really do this. We could. We took the plunge two years later after we sold our house in Florida and bought “The Dream Machine”, our 2004 Fleetwood Expedition diesel motor home. Since then we have travelled through the states we used to fly over and discovered a unique and awesomely beautiful land that pictures do not give justice to. We have been volunteers, workampers, podcasters, and now authors. I hope you enjoy our book; and if you see us on the road, honk and wave.