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About three years ago, I was beginning to look for ways to lose weight yet again. This time it was for my sister’s upcoming wedding and unlike previous attempts to shed the weight, I decided to do what I do best; research. I studied nutrition, human biology, disease, and how these things were related. What I found was absolutely mind-blowing. I found people who were reversing disease, losing weight, and gaining energy by solely eating raw fruit, vegetables, and leafy greens. So instead of following advice from doctors, who were telling me restrict calories, eat meat, and to take a popular weight-loss drug called phentermine, I did the exact opposite. I went 100% raw vegan overnight and it changed my life. I ended up losing about 125lbs in little less than a year. My husband then followed suit about five months after I did and lost approximately 85lbs. Thriving on a plant-based diet, I dived into studying the nutrient make-up of different foods,live food recipes, and so much more. Although I was shedding weight, it became way more than the size of the pants that kept falling off of me and more about the entire health status of my physical body. The longer I ate living foods and gave up the standard American diet the more I experienced euphoria, glowing skin, an increased amount of energy. I realized that foods should not be processed, altered, or heated in any way and that nature provides our food in its perfect form ready to eat. The results were amazing.