Badly Designed Murder:

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About the author

Lucia Kuhl

Lucia Kuhl is a pen name created from and in honor of the names of my grandmothers.

I write mysteries featuring characters that were raised on Mayberry and Happy Days. Who still believe in God, Pioneer Values, and the American Dream, but who’ve learned some things were kept from us. Characters who have left the judgments of others in the past. Who’ve been battered and beaten by life and who are finding their path, their way, with their understanding of God and “Reality.”

I am an animal lover. Any spelling errors or typos in my books are the work of my cats. Not really! My High School English Teacher knew I wanted to be a writer, and he rode my case. Thankfully word processors with built-in spell-check came along as I was leaving college.

Indiana is my home. I teach Ballroom Dance, and love to see Notre Dame win. Born and raised in the country I battle weeds in my flower garden between writing scenes, and searching for lost relatives, current and past. A long line of military soldiers invaded my family tree (or, maybe, I invaded their’s) including a few from the American Revolutionary War. There is also an accused German Witch and a Michigan Politician in my background. Moon Lake Witch is loosely based on my ancestor.

Dad and Uncle Bert bought me a pony named Target at the age of three.  A love affair with horses and Television Westerns began the day he clopped into my life and stepped on my foot. A few years later a favorite babysitter mesmerized me with countless ghost stories.

By the time I reached Jr. High I had fallen in love with Phyllis A. Whitney’s mysterious mysteries and decided I wanted to become a writer like her.