When Elephants Fight

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Alan Kern

Alan Kern was a Full Gospel pastor and missionary in Canada and South Africa for over thirty years. While pioneering churches in Canada, he became acquainted with the excesses of the “Toronto Blessing” movement. Invited to preach on the subject in North Battleford, Saskatchewan, home of the 1950s Latter Rain phenomenon, he interviewed several of its elderly, disillusioned former members as a part of his extensive research into this movement.

Later, sent as a missionary to post-apartheid South Africa, he and his family established a tent church in the Port Elizabeth township of Zwide, during the Mandela transition years. Having personally experienced an uncontrollable “laughing” manifestation in a Cape Town church, he also witnessed first-hand the harmful effects on congregations seduced into the “holy laughter” movement. During his eight years of ministry in Port Elizabeth, he also hosted the live, radio talk show, Talk Back, which highlighted the dangers of the rapidly growing River Movement. When Elephants Fight is his first novel in a planned trilogy, exploring spiritual abuse and the challenges to overcome its devastating consequences.

The author spent thirty years in a heavy-shepherding, legalistic church organization. Later, he became a substance abuse counselor for a Gospel rescue mission. Now, retired from active ministry, he lives with his beautiful wife Laurie in Oregon, while they explore the Caribbean as often as possible.  He is currently penning a sequel entitled, Towards a Crouching Lion. A third book: A Monkey’s Beauty Contest will complete the trilogy.