Swamp Boat

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Francis M. Mulligan

 Francis M. Mulligan graduated from St. Joseph’s College, now University, studied at Maryknoll seminaries in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, Bedford, Massachusetts, and Ossining, New York, graduated from Temple University (M.P.A.) and Temple Law School (J.D.), worked for the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare, the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority and law firms in Reading, Pennsylvania. He has written articles for the Berks Barrister, the Temple Law Quarterly, and Pennsylvania Bar Associations publications. His first novel, SPANISH MARKET centers on a Mafia/Cuban confrontation in Wilson County, Pennsylvania. His second novel, SWAMP BOAT reunites the psychic who solved the Woodside Park case in Wilson County with a former Asst. D.A. Twenty years later, Rose, the psychic, wants McCready to help save a troubled soul who confessed to killing a minister’s son in the bayou.

A Bulgarian in Hitler’s Berlin traces the movement of a sixteen- year old Bulgarian who accepts a scholarship to the Berlin Technical University, the best science and engineering university in the world. Beginning in 1939 during his progress toward a degree, young Ivanian encounters a series of roadblocks ending with the destruction of the University’s Tower of Learning in November 1943. He’s shamed into agreeing to join the German army, but first he must discuss the decision with his parents. On the train home, he rethinks his decision. One passenger, an SS Major, applauds his decision, and as the train pulls into Sofia, Bulgaria, the Major makes a final life changing statement.