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Gaven Ferguson

Gaven Ferguson is not a guru, professor, or multi-millionaire. He is a regular guy who spends his life helping others, often to the detriment of his own dreams, and is passionate and committed to making a difference. He finds joy in making others happy and tried to inspire people in his talks, workshops and training programs.

He loves to travel, exploring places that are off the beaten track and when not building models, playing D&D with his friends (Yes I know, but let it go), gardening or writing, he passion and commitment is as the President of the World Association of Master Chefs, Chief Advisor for Solace Advisory, General Manager of Mint International College in Melbourne Australia, Owner and Managing Director of the Hospitality & Tourism Industry Accreditation program (HATIA) his new business, and a consultant to anyone who needs him.

Gaven has been married to his wife for 27 years and has two beautiful daughters who inspire him to aim for the sky and never question his weird and often crazy approach to life.

His wife on the other hand questions him constantly, but that is what he loves about her.