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About the author

Martin Lundqvist

I am a Swedish male born in 1985. I have been in Australia since 2012, and I have been with my partner Elaine Hidayat since 2013.

When I was younger, I used to write blogs for the joy of writing and attention.  

In 2013 an acquaintance suggested that I wrote fiction instead of blogs. With a fair bit of enthusiasm, I wrote my first book, a psychological crime thriller James Locker: The Duality of Fate back in 2013. In retrospect, it didn't turn out that good, but it was a good experience.

I then had a break from book writing for a couple of years as I was busy working and pursuing other hobbies.

In late 2016, I decided to take up book writing again as it is a hobby with more upside than playing video games. I finished my Science Fiction novel The Divine Dissimulation over a year later, as I write as a hobby and not as a profession.

I haven't had much financial success with my books this far, but hopefully that will change as I improve my trade.

In spite of my lack of financial progress, I recently finished my third book, The Divine Sedition. which constitutes the second book in The Divine Zetan trilogy.

I haven't started on the last book in the trilogy yet, but presumably it will be out sometime in 2019

My style

My approach to writing is that I write what I feel like writing with limited regards to what others want to read. As my works are work of fiction, I tend to include controversial topics, as I am not bound to politically correct self-censorship.

My independence in book writing is not because I inherently want to rebel against what people want to read, but just because I have no idea what people do want to read, hence I might as well write what I want to write and hope for the best.

The writing style is slightly different in my three novels. While James Locker is mostly character and dialogue driven, The Divine Dissimulation is mainly driven by concept and world building. I aim to make The Divine Sedition a hybrid between the two.